Send Automated Phone, Text and Email Appointment Reminders!

Send appointment reminder calls, text reminders, and email reminders using our calendar or you can send them from your own software!

Get Rid of No Shows with Appointment Reminders!

Create a powerful strategy using a combination of appointment reminder calls, text reminders and email reminders.

  • Appointment reminder calls
    are a very effective no-show prevention tool.
  • Text appointment reminders
    are the most convenient way to send appointment reminders.
  • Appointment reminder emails
    will help make sure you reach your customers effectively.
Automated Appointment Scheduling System

Why Appointment Reminders?

  • Month-to-Month Plan.
  • Custom Text and Voice.
  • You only pay for what you use!
  • No Contracts, Overages, or Blocks.
  • $19/month and only 8 ¢ per sent reminder

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We didn’t think we could afford an appointment reminder service, but our experience with has shown us that we can’t afford not to have it.
Jeffrey S.
Our patients either show up on time or call us in advance to reschedule instead of missing their appointment all together. Well worth the small investment to our business.
Laura H. appointment reminders pays for itself by saving just 1 client from missing their appointment.
Stephen C