Q: How do I sign up?

A: Just click on Sign Up here or at the top of our website and fill out the form or call us at (815)888-4752.

Q: How soon can I start using RemindUS.net?
A: Immediately. Aftering signing up you will be able to start using the automated reminders immediately after.

Q: What phone number appears on the receivers caller ID?
A: You can use your office phone number or we will use one of our numbers. Using your office number will result in more answered calls and more confirmations since patients are more likely to answer calls from a familiar phone number.

Q: How far in advance can a reminder be sent?
A: Reminders can be sent anytime before the appointment date.

Q: What time are the reminders sent out?
A: You get to decide when your reminders are sent. You will be able to choose the time and date when setting up the reminder.

Q: Can we customize the reminder message sent?
A: Yes. You can create your own reminder message by typing it in and it will be sent word for word as you specify.

Q: Can the person confirm or cancel an appointment?
A: Yes. They can press 1 while receiving the message to automatically call your office.

Q: Can we hear a sample appointment reminder?
A: Yes. Go to our Demo page and enter your information and we will provide you with a demo.

Q: Can we enter reminders ourselves?
A: Yes. You can enter individual or a file of reminders yourself via our webform.

Q: Are you HIPAA Compliant?
A: Yes. We don’t ask for access to your patient management or electronic medical records system. We do not send out lab results, test results, or any other health-sensitive information.

Q: Do I have to sign any long-term contracts?
A: No. We bill you monthly giving you the option to cancel anytime.

Q: Can RemindUS.net integrate with our appointment scheduling software?
A: Yes. We can integrate with your software if you need. Have your IT manager contact us for more information.