Phone Appointment Reminders

One large problem for professional services businesses is that clients forget about their appointments. Some businesses use appointment reminder cards, but these are very easy to lose prior to the appointment. It is much more effective to call the client to remind them of the appointment, but doing this manually requires a lot of staff time, and many of the calls will not succeed in actually reaching the client. Automatic phone reminders are a low cost and convenient way to remind clients of their appointments.

Sign up for the free trial of Appointment Reminder and you’ll be able to schedule phone reminders in minutes.  We take care of all of the hardware and software to actually make the telephone calls.  You just put in client names, phone numbers, and appointment times into our easy-to-use online interface.  There is no software to install or hardware to buy.  We have a selection of reminder recordings you can pick from done by our voiceover artists, or you can record your own reminders by calling our system from any telephone.  We will then deliver your reminder at the time you schedule.