Text Message Appointment Reminders

Many businesses have problems with clients not remembering their appointments. Sending customers a text message reminder or SMS appointment reminder is an effective and convenient way to remind them to come to their appointments in a timely fashion. Customers love the convenience of receiving a reminder. Businesses love that sending reminders is inexpensive and with our system takes virtually no staff time. RemindUS.net is a simple, easy to use system which sends text message reminders as well as phone and email reminders.

How Much Do Text Reminders Cost?

Far less than a skipped appointment! Appointment Reminder has a variety of plans suitable for various businesses, based mostly on the volume of appointments you deal with in a given month. Since most businesses which book appointments stand to lose a hundred dollars or more in staff time and forgone revenue if an appointment gets skipped, saving even one appointment a month will more than pay for the cost of the system.

How To Send Customers Text Message Reminders

Sign up for the free trial and you can start sending messages right away. There is no software to install or hardware to buy: you just access a web site that we set up for you, schedule your appointments, and type in your clients’ mobile phone numbers. We send them appointment reminder text messages when you want them delivered. These are 100% customizable text messages.